Naturopathic Doctor, DIY Enthusiast, Conscious Creator, Environmentalist.


Are you looking for a different way to live? Not happy with the healthcare you're getting?

Dr. Jessica Bernardy is fiercely committed to guiding people looking for an alternative way of living to achieve health, happiness and vitality so they can have the life of their dreams. If you are looking for a place to guide you to address stress, feeling disconnected, living sustainably, or just navigating the world of alternative health then you’ve come to the right place.

With many years of experience submerged in this lifestyle working on similar worries and concerns to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment is to provide you with the information you need to feel inspired and take charge of your life and health!

What lights me up about this work is knowing that I’m helping people live the life they want, to connect them with more of themselves, and inherently helping the planet at the same time. What sets me apart is my passion and commitment to realistic sustainable living, looking at environmental factors that influence our health, and practicing a traditional form of naturopathic medicine.

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