How I Lost 10 Pounds Effortlessly!

Let me start this by saying that I love my body. I love it when it’s got extra curves and when it’s more toned and slim. It carries me through this world and allows me to do the things that I want to do.


I am a supporter of the Health At Every Size model. The determinants of health are what governs our level of vitality and wellness, not the way our bodies look. By creating and practicing the determinants of health we can improve our health and correct illness. These include, but are not limited to, eating the right diet for you, correcting nutritional deficiencies, daily movement, adequate sleep, doing things that bring you joy, functional breathing, reducing stress, and reducing toxic exposure and removing toxic waste from the body.


Here’s what’s contributed to my toning up:

1.     I’ve gotten back to eating the diet that’s right for me and have reduced inflammation by doing that. AND I’ve cut out cane sugar (huge)! Because of those two things, and my awesome weekly CSA delivery, my vegetable intake has naturally gone up.

2.     I’m moving my body every day and have added running more regularly into the mix.

3.     I have let more joy into my life. I’m following my passions and my inner guide. I love the sun and have been swimming in the lakes around Seattle all summer. I have a wonderful partner who makes me laugh and brings out my child-like side, AND we’re getting married in 6 weeks!

4.     I’m getting more sleep.

5.     I’m breathing and taking a FEW minutes every day to meditate.


Those are the big things. And folks, I’m eating when I’m hungry; I’m not starving myself; and I’m not killing myself at the gym. You can do this too!


Back to Health At Every Size, let’s stop body shaming. Too many times I’ve heard from patients that other practitioners have told them they need to lose weight, even though they exercise, eat a diet that’s right for them, don’t have any chronic illnesses, have stellar blood pressure, and their cholesterol and blood sugar numbers are excellent. When people, in my office as well as friends and family, lose weight I RARELY comment on that aspect, rather I like to focus on things like they look stronger, or they are looking really healthy, etc. with my comments to them.


Do keep in mind that there can be medical reasons why a person can’t lose weight, or is gaining weight. And then there is another group who is overweight, or thin, and unhealthy. A qualified practitioner should address that, and my recommendation is to see a naturopathic doctor.


Join my 30 days to Vibrant Health Challenge starting next week! Check back for more details. I'll challenge you to cut out sugar, eat whole foods, and work in movement every day!!


In health,

Dr. Jessica Bernardy, ND

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