Ease Into a New Habit & Change Your Life!

Ease Into a New Habit & Change Your Life!

Building an inspired life, one change at a time!

With the New Year fast approaching I'm thinking of all of the resolutions that will be made; some kept long-term and some not. In my line of work, long-term resolution of health challenges and finding your greatest health possible, I work with habit transformation a lot.

I for one am ready for good things to come in 2017. As the below article, Old Habits Die Hard, points out, the habits we all have make up our lives. And our lives are what will bring positive change to the world!

Your body adapts to your habits and lifestyle. It has been said that sitting is the new smoking. Do you sit all day long and aren’t make healthy eating and exercise a priority? Well, your body responds to that by having decreased muscle mass, decreased metabolism through mitochondria, adrenals and thyroid to produce less energy, less need for optimal circulation, less glucose able to get into cells through the exercise route of the GLUT4 pathway, etc. (These are just possibilities, not necessarily what is going on with you personally). The habits you have create your life, like it or not. Maybe sitting isn’t your issue, maybe yours is nail biting, or smoking, or sugar, or negative thoughts and speech

Whatever it is that you have wanted to change I encourage you to make that change this year! Start small; be gentle with yourself like you would be with a dearly loved one; know that you can do it!


  • Make a list of and journal about:
    • What have you been wishing for?
    • What are barriers you can see?
    • Know what type of habit maker you are.
    • Set specific and attainable goals, and check in on your goals weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • Next
    • Implement your plan!
    • Know that relapse is a part of the process and re-start when relapse happens.

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