Claiming Your Life in 3 Easy Steps


 Live for the Soul

"There is a place within you
that is fully awake,
authentically at peace,
liberated and fully aware
of this creation called 'your life'
and the immense opportunity
it offers the Soul.
Live for the Soul."
- Vanessa Stone

What steps can you take TODAY to move more authentically into your life and your inner power? What does it mean to do this? It's the essence of the poem above, living for the soul. We each have special gifts that we were born with, or learned throughout life, that are truly unique to us. It's your inner power, your super power! It is our duty to ourselves and to the world to discover these gifts and powers and let them shine.

The top 3 things you can be doing:

  1. Journaling - What's on your mind and coming up for you today? What are your dreams for the future? This is powerful. Writing down our dreams can help to being clarity and manifest them into reality.
  2. Movement - Walking in nature works best for me to help me come back to myself. Maybe it's dancing or yoga or swimming or cycling for you. Get your juices flowing! Our bodies were designed to move and be a part - not separate from - the natural world.
  3. Resting - We work ourselves so hard in our culture of go-go, do more, never stop. Actually, if you take time to rest you will be more present and able to accomplish more in less time. Also, during periods of rest is often when inspiration will come. Have you ever tried to force inspiration? I have and it never works! We just need to wait for it to surface, and listen to it when it does! Your restful time can be in the form of meditation, breath work, creative drawing or writing where you turn off the outside world, or a short nap, whatever you need!

REPEAT! Can you do this every day for a week? How to implement: Try journaling when you wake up, after your morning tea or coffee, or before bed, whenever it works best for you. Try gentle movement in nature for at least 5 minutes a day. Take at least 15 minutes a day for rest.

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